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What are
Boutique Hotels & Hip Hotels?

Hip is unique. Boutique is a way of life, hip is a positive attitude, hip & boutique hotels, par excellence.

Elite, Unique, Special, Luxurious, Elan, Finesse, je-ne-sais-quoi, lavish, plush, envogue, comfortable, opulence, all these are the ‘something extra’ you will find in such hotels.

For too long the hotel consumer had been laden with a choice of simple ‘bed factories’. In the 1980s Boutique & Hip Hotels came along to answer the call of the guest who wanted something more from their stay.

Boutique & Hip Hotels are not just for the Hollywood celebrity! Our world-class guests and corporate customers have now found a home in such hotels, and are using them not only to enhance their business identity, but also in utilizing the lavish environment to increase their own personal productivity.


Romance also plays a key role in the Hip & Boutique properties, after all what better surroundings to wine and dine someone in than the beautiful atmosphere of a fresh, funky, and fashionable hotel, right in the centre of London, Paris, Barcelona, New York… Most properties will feature amenities to enhance the amorous mood of the romance seekers with four-poster beds, mood lighting, sumptuous linens/ carpets and fittings.

These hotels rely on return business hence their complete desire to make you feel as comfortable as possible. To recognize you as an individual, to call you by your first name, to answer your requests with the minimum effort, are all designed to enhance your stay and entice your return. Therefore, from the beginning of your experience these hotels are striving to look after you and all your requirements.

Agent Provocateur, David Beckham, Diesel, Dom Perignon, Cavalli, the new Beetles, Austin Powers, Jaguars, all that is hip, that follows imminent fashion, that exudes the trend of the moment is found at Boutique & Hip Hotels. Technology also plays a large part in these hotels. Offering complimentary broadband access 24/7, coupled with a DVD/CD re-writer combo, and then providing a vast library of films and music on top, are features readily available at the Shaftesbury in the centre of London, and is fast becoming a compulsory trend elsewhere.


If you are looking for something ‘extra’… the Shaftesbury Hotel Collection is for you.

For Reservations by phone in the U.S. and Canada, please call us at 1-866-891-7710. In Europe, please call 00-800-868-36266